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About Us:


.Welcome to Prairie Gardens! Our own little 

piece of paradise and the place our family calls home. We are conveniently located just outside Burlington in the township of Spring Prairie, WI. Our turn of the century rustic barn is nestled in a

beautiful country setting among farmer's fields. 

Here at the Rustic Barn we invite you and your  guests to surround yourselves in rustic charm and natural beauty.

We welcome you home to the country. 

There is the saying,

"Home is where your story begins". 

We invite you to our home as your own story begins!


Tim & Renee Richter



Our Story: Tim and I are both born and raised in the Burlington area. We were married in 2004 and lived in Burlington for the first 5 years. We both had been raised in the country and wanted to find a home where our future childrens childhoods would mirror our own. "The Morning Glory Farm" had long been a favorite property in the area for me growing up. With fond memories of stopping with my mom to buy flowers as a little girl.  We actually passed it up in disappointment the first time we looked at it. The house and entire property needed a lot of work. In the spring of 2008 we took a second look and with a renewed vision saw the potential that it held. Surprisingly, the barn was not a part of our original vision.


The barn was in rough shape, but was to serve as a space for Tim’s business. Pretty much every inch needed a lot of TLC. My husband being the multi-talented man that he is set forth to make the barn his (since the house was mine :). Over the past several years he has spent countless hours and weekends restoring the barns natural beauty.  Tim transformed it into such a nice space that he didn’t want to use it for work purposes anymore and it became a personal space that has been great for hosting events with our family and friends.


After hosting many such events in the spring of 2013 we agreed to host a wedding for a friend who was desperately looking for a rustic barn venue in the area, but having trouble locating one. Tim and I had just recently started entertaining the idea of opening the barn up for others to enjoy. So, almost as if it were meant to be, this beautiful occasion was the perfect opportunity that set into motion what would become The Rustic Barn.  With a lot of hard work behind us we’re excited to provide a rustic venue to our surrounding communities. We look forward to sharing the joy our family has experienced here at Prairie Gardens and the memories to be made with yours. 


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